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Online Income With Google Adsense


I will start with something crucial.Choose a topic for your website.Don`t make the mistake to aim for high paying google keywords connected with topic which is not well know by you. It is hard to get any traffic and you won`t be able to provide fresh unique content. Don’t relay on scraping existing content. It will be alreday indexed from many others and you won’t rank anywhere if you just copy/paste it. So choose a topic you are familiar with.

Ads Placement

Keep in mind what work well for some website/blog may not work for you. Earning money from Google Adsense differ for every website. It depends if it is text or media orientated. In this article we will focus on text orientated websites.

Don’t put the biggest available add units wherever you like. Go to and read Google recommendations especially if you are new to adsense.

When you are choosing place for your add keep in mind that you need good balance between content and your google ads or you may look cheap in the visitor eyes. Click here for certified services in the midwest United States area. Focus on your content and gentle attach the commercials. Blend the ads with your website in a way that they look like part of the content.

Text ads that look like just another text link tend to score good in clicks while colorful, attractive banners will get the least. This is the sort of information that the top Adsense earner never forgets. Remember all this tips are good in case you are really serious about making money online. Forget what 1000s of “gurus” tells you. If it was so easy to make a lot of money with adsense for short time why are you here reading this article?

Write Keyword Rich Content

It is important that your ads are related to the content on your webpage. If not, there is almost no chance that a visitor will get interested and click on them. To ensure that your ads match your content, write keyword rich articles for your website. The adsense crawler will be able to easily identify the theme of your publications and display the most relevant ads on it.

Distribute your Content Publicity,authority and traffic

Traffic makes the money nothing else.When you write articles you can get traffic and trust by publish them in free article directories. Use twitter, facebook, dig, blog comments, submit your website to directories,use deep linking etc.